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Jumbo Trace and Say Flashcards

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Jumbo Trace and Say Flashcards | RG109

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Reading Gym’s 26 laminated, double-sided, lowercase alphabet cards (8½” X 11″) target:

  1. Letter/sound identification and production through picture association (letters look like pictures)
  2. Semantic memory (letters look like pictures)
  3. Correct directionality for printing
  4. Sequencing of the alphabet




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Jumbo Trace and Say Flashcards Description

  • 26 laminated, doubled-side, lowercase letters.
  • 8.5″ x 11″.
  • Printed in Canada.

Tips & Instructions

Jumbo Trace and Say Flashcards

  1. Coach (Adult) will trace over jumbo letter with finger while saying, “a is for apple.” The card should not be upside down for the child.
  2. Show the child the correct starting spot and have them trace the letter while saying the sound the letter makes.
  3. Repeat in alphabetical order for “b is for bear,” “c is for cookie,” all the way to “z is for zipper.”


  • Try to trace the letters in one motion (without lifting finger) wherever possible.

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