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Easy Marker Printing Sheets

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Easy Marker Printing Sheets | RG117

Create fun and engaging learning experiences

Level 1.

Trace over the letters with these easy marker printing sheets.

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Easy Marker Printing Sheets Description

  • 50 sheets, 8½” x 11″
  • Pre-punched with 3 holes to easily keep in a 3-ring binder
  • Printed in Canada.

Tips & Instructions

Printing Tips

  • Using a marker or highlighter for these easy marker printing sheets will make this a fun activity for your little champion to train their fine motor control (no erasing!).


More videos

Printing Sheets videos

Head Coach Intro & Demo of Easy Marker Printing (4:36) 

Kid Demo – Transferring Printing Skills from Jumbo Traceovers to Easy Marker Printing (Watch for the letter K) (11:55) 

Head Coach Discussion of Magic Cookie Letters (1:15)

Head Coach Hints and Tricks (printing stories) (5:26)

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