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Parent Instructional Videos

Parent Instructional Videos

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Magnetized Bingo and Puzzle Boards (RG112)

Easy Bingo and Hard Bingo

Easy Puzzle and Hard Puzzle

Why it works?

Our program works because
it teaches letter sounds in a fun, meaningful, and easy way for children to learn. It’s that simple!


Triggers semantic memory by focusing on learning letter sounds through picture association.


Encourages errorless learning.


Focuses on the whole alphabet at once.

We focus on the whole alphabet, rather than one letter at a time, to allow children to learn the alphabet sounds in the order that works best for them – accelerating the learning process.


Uses multiple modalities for multisensory learning.
Finger tracing the letters while simultaneously saying the letter sound helps the child remember the letter by linking the visual, auditory, semantic, and motor memory systems.


Teaches how to print automatically from memory.
Printing each letter the same way every time reduces confusion and increases automaticity. When printing is automatic, the mind is free to think of ideas rather than how to print each letter.

When kids don’t know the basic sounds that the alphabet letters ” represent, it is virtually impossible for them to “sound out” words. Knowing the letter sounds is vital in the process of learning to read.

Mary Jane, Head Coach